Our Staff
Rick Bazaco | CEO
eFederal Systems is led by a service disabled veteran, who has dedicated most of his adult life to supporting the United States beginning when he joined the US Marines at the age of 19 through today. With his network of connections to people associated with, not only the New York Stock Exchange to SME's from organizations like Berkshire Hathaway, eFederal Systems has access to invaluable expertise for almost any project.
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Gene Stevens | Sr VP Sales
Gene has been in the IT business for over thirty (30) years providing IT solutions to major companies. Gene leads the eFederal's efforts to provide hardware and software solutions to companies large and small.
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Paul Gallagher | Sr Sales Executive
Paul dedicates his time to support our major client groups in hardware and software sales. His client list includes Hughes, and Lockheed Martin to name two. Paul is our exclusive Dell representative.
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