You can save up to sixty-five percent (65%) and more in your monthly electricity lighting costs by switching from Linear Fluorescent Lighting (LFL) to highly efficient LED lighting. And you maintenance costs (material and labor) are literally reduced to zero. LED lighting can be retrofitted in existing LFL fixtures. We have LED tubes that are ballast compatible so that removing the ballast is not required. LED lighting costs have dropped dramatically; that coupled with rebates provided by many utility companies, your ROI period of time can be much shorter than you would expect. We work with your utility company to ensure that you receive the largest rebate available.

Download File Why to Switch to LEDs
Read up on five (5) reasons a business should switch to LED lighting
Download File Fluorescent vs LED
This paper discusses the difference in life cycle costs between Fluorescent tubes and LED tubes.
Download File Replace Now?
This paper discusses why you should consider replacing your fluorescent fixtures now.

Additional Services
eFederal provides turn key solutions to commercial clients and government agencies. Although this is our primary job, one that we do efficiently and cost effectively, if you have in house personnel who can perform the work we are happy to supply the hardware, fixtures and tubes a great pricing.

If you are interested in Energy Optimization for your entire facility let us provide you with a free audit Energy Optimization. If you need IT services or hardware we have a group that specializes in the IT environment IT Services.